A Brief History

A Brief History of Valkana

The world was a lifeless orb, floating within the vastness of space. An alien civilization, for unknown reasons, visited this orb and began terraforming. There exists no evidence how long these enigmatic progenitors remained on Valkana or when they left. Valkana has thrived in isolation since.

In time, intelligence life began to flourish upon the newly terraformed planet. The two races that dominated ancient Valkana were the elves; a race of elegant, long-lived people with a strong connection to the natural world, and the saurians, a race of cunning and adaptable reptilian humanoids. Their ancient empires fought in a long, bitter war. The saurians, with their more advanced technology and machines, and their servitors, the dwarves and orcs, drove the elves back into their hidden sanctuaries.

The saurian empire flourished with the dwarves maintaining the machines and the orcs as shock troopers. Saurian cities rose from the ashes and blood of the many slain in the wars, stretching almost endlessly into the sky. In this new era the orcs grew restless, their need for bloodshed being repressed by menial tasks. The orcs rose against their former masters only to be met by the dwarves, still loyal to the saurian leadership. The saurian empire seemed untouchable. That is, until all saw a fire in the sky…

The Cataclysm

No one knows the true nature of The Cataclysm, but everyone has their believes. What everyone remembers is the great fire burning away the sky. The earth trembled and moaned violently, tearing down the great cities and monuments. In mere moments, cities were destroyed, mountains became plains, and the rivers flooded carrying the dead out into the sea.

Those who were fortunate enough to live were doomed to live within total darkness. In the wake of The Cataclysm, Valkana was covered in a darkness that blocked out the sun. This era would be known as the Endless Night. And would last for 200 years as each race fought to survive.


When the first ray of sunlight touched Valkana’s soil hope returned to the damaged world. Cities and trade routes were built and established quickly, with the assistance of newly emerged races previously unknown to Valkana. The main race were the humans.

Technology also recovered. Great advances were made, recovering and improving upon science and tech found in ruins. A new force also rose to the service, first being discovered by the elves. This source was called magic. The elves demonstrated would this new force could do, and other races were quick to follow. Some people were strict practitioners of magic, while others focused upon technology. However, their exists a small group who’s curiosity wished to see what marvels could be made with the combination of these two powerful forces.

The Rise of the Prophet

For centuries Valkana thrived. There were wars, of course, and city-states rising and falling, but progress pushed forward unabated. That is, until the rise of the Prophet Dhawan. Dhawan was a charismatic saurian who preached that the melding of science and magic was an abomination, a blasphemy. She declared that providence commanded all true users of magic to rise up and purify their societies. Only when magic and science were permanently separated, would all the gods be mollified. If this did not happen, a second Cataclysm would come and destroy the world and every living thing upon it. The Prophet and her followers were determined to spread her message to all upon Valkana, first with open arms, and then with closed fists.

The Chaos Wars

It took over a century of strife, thousands of desperate battles, and uncounted lives, but the Prophet was ultimately defeated, and her armies dismantled. The key to victory were the groups of heroes of all races that rose together to fight for freedom. By the end of the Chaos Wars, the world had been re-shaped. Many cities that had been rebuilt were destroyed. Whole populations dispersed. New alliances formed and borders redrawn. Despite the formation of new counties, cities, and empires, many remained in hiding, clinging to the old ways in fear the darkness would come again.

Only the oldest of the elves can recall the days of the Chaos Wars, and only if they have the mental fortitude to remain coherent. The wars left their mark upon all people in Valkana. While small pockets of cultists remain, the Prophet Dhawan is widely considered to be a force of evil who brought suffering and destruction to all she touched, and the great heroes who defeated her are revered.

A Brief History

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